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Aleris Corporation (also Aleris Inc. or Aleris International Inc.) was an American aluminum rolled products producer, based in Beachwood, Ohio. The company had approximately 5,000 employees globally as of mid-2015.

Aleris has a hostile and toxic working environment and not enough staff, an ex-employee shared a review at

"Hostile environment to work in for mid to lower levels. Too many chiefs and not enough staff. Caste system in place and unbreakable. Major projects are executed by lower-level staff and no credit is given."


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kurator (Former Employee) says

"bra jobb, återkommer senare med ett svar, när det är aktuelle"

Forklift Operator/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"N/A N/A??? N/A. N/A Terrible experience bad weather and working conditions are awful!!! Not worth the money!!! Better insurance and Benefits!!!Better working environment all together!!!"

Opperator (Current Employee) says

"Management will try to fire you over anything no work life balance no room for growth in the company once you max out expect to work 60-80 hours a WEEK. Work 12 hour shifts and only get one 20 min break rarelyNoneEverything"

LABORER (Former Employee) says

"Clayton,nj very very dirty place to work Extremely hot during the summer Even hot during the winter and sometimes very cold Do yourself a favor do not work here. Find something elseclose to homeVery very dirty !!!!"

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Losses of $50+mill per quarter and near bankruptcy till Hindalco/Novelis buy out 2018. Expecting plant closures. Inside of plant there's a lot of sleeping employees and outdated systems.Political atmosphere, doesn't require much production.No future business or expansions, likely downsizing."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Place is full of favoritism Management is very low skilled at what they do No chance to move up in company and the managers are all scared to lose their own jobs Very poor social environment / not friendly Low pay Verrrrrry low moral spreading like a virus !!! Very HOT. Heavy clothing. Bunch of worthless useless rules If you want a job that treats you worse then prison. Fill out a resume. But if you want a good environment good people good pay and a good social place. Look else where. So many things I can say about this place. Every year it gets worse and worse.Pros ? What prosCons To many to list"

Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Hostile environment to work in for mid to lower levels. Too many chiefs and not enough staff. Caste system in place and unbreakable. Major projects are executed by lower level staff and no credit is given.leavingstaying too long"

Production Operator/Foreman (Former Employee) says

"Better place to work when it was a small company.when CLAY owned the company.Use to get Xmas paycheckHot in summer/cold in winter"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Er wordt je veel voorgelogen door de hogere pieten daar, bedrijf heeft geen toekomst en de collega’s zijn allemaal een bende ***. Er wordt meer geroddeld dan gewerkt"

Paint Line Operator (Former Employee) says

"Up until the beginning of 2019 things were pretty good at Aleris Rolled Products in Ashville Ohio. The start of 2019 came with new management/supervisors that seem to have no clue of to do things. The moral and overall atmosphere at Aleris went downhill in a matter of months. Management started treating people poorly, and expecting employees tonwork everyday of the week 12 hours a day. Honestly Aleris was a place I thought I’d retire from until here recently. I hope things get turned around, but I won’t be here to see that. If it does."

Mill Operator (Former Employee) says

"Poor management with a lot of flaws in their system. Very unfair management and they disregard the safety of their employees as all they care about is their monthly production goals or targets.Decent payNo breaks, 30 min lunch for a 12hr shift, unsafe environment, poor management"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to work with PLCs, AC Drives, and all electrical components to include power distribution Terrible Engineering and Maintenance management. Foul language, poor treatment of employees resulting in low morale plant wide. Would not recommend working in any capacity at the Richmond Plant, they have an awesome safety program just a poor employee treatment culture.Not manyHorrible morale and treatment"

Electrical Supervisor - Finishing (Former Employee) says

"The first two weeks was in orientation, but once you get in the plant, real life starts and everything you were told in orientation is a lie, guess that's the reason they have such a hard time keeping anyone in maintenance management. Basically there is tons of paper work you fill out, with most no one reads, you are expected to know just about everything in your first weekNoneTo many to list..."

Leadman/Casthouse operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked in richmond casthiuse very hot in summer commin winter... work everyday your married to the job... management terrible... the union sucks terrible also.....NoneEverything 72 to 84 hours a week 12 hoirs a day 6 to 7 days a week every week"

Marketing Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful! I had to self manage and felt undermined by immediate manager for a long time. There was much rollover with my managers management. Our marketing department was only tolerated, despite the hard work we did. I would rather face unemployment than to continue to work for this company. They overspend in excess for self serving executives, and under-spend for middle management hires and employee advancement and education. Poor organizational structure and stability. Great potential, chosen, systematic, motivational fail.Wonderful salary and benefitsHorrible work life balance and employees are valued very low!"

Foil Tech / Operator (Former Employee) says

"12hr shifts up to 84 hours a week when covering hot and dirty. Fan if working to keep you cool in the summer heat. No respect towards your good work efforts. Watch out for the back stabbers. Always firing people for stupid reasons. If they don`t like you there you won`t last long. So if you don`t like long hours, sweating, smoke all around you at all times this is not the place to get a job. Hope this will help the next was okno appreciation"

Accounts Payable Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Company has had many changes in the past 10 years. Most not for the good. Many,many employees seeking employment elsewhere."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"management don't care about there employees. None of the equipment work properly. Forklift don't have brakes & company don't care about replacing them.. We only get a 20 minute lunch break & work 8-12 hours a day in a very hot environmentgood health benefitsno pto, retirement plan & only get a week vacation after a year"

Lead man (Former Employee) says

"The guys you work with are good.. The company lacks accountability for hourly and management, makes following through tough and change even harder. There is great promise but you need the right leaders for that to change.Fairly clean environmentAtmosphere is demanding and the expectation is to send many hours at work"

Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Aleris plant where I worked was all show but no doing. Advancements were given because of race complaints from union at times and the acceptance of workers reporting off, stealing and other things made supervising extremely difficult.noneno management support"

Evija R says

"Unfortunately the hospital has fallen into the insurance mindset without the service to private patients. I saw a doctor via my insurance and expressed a wish to have a scan as I was having health concerns. Doctor dismissed me with an advice that it was probably not related. Then, even though I contacted them again and said I did not felt comfortable stopping the health evaluation, I was just told it was not in the doctors area of speciality so that was that. When I offered to cover the expenses myself, I got a short mail back saying that they could not help me and I had to get in touch with another doctor. I would expect this kind of attitude in a busy public sector but i was surprised that Aleris was not interested to guide a privately paying patient to an examination that would make them feel comfortable about their threatment plan. So if it doesn’t fit the insurance case, then no help is provided. I was expecting a good communication and time and interest taken. What I got was delays, 6 weeks waiting time and rejection to further investigate."

F.R says

"But pain killer should be applied, which did not happened"

F.R says

"30 minutes of torture in Aleris Hamlet- Ringsted. Koloskopi without Anesthesia !?? & very tough doctor."

Jennifer L Rubin says

"Over the course of about 7 years I had gone to Hamlet ((Søborg/Gladsaxe) location for various things. The first few years of my time in Denmark I had some chronic gastrointestinal issues and finally went to see a doctor. Typical I was prescribed Husk which I tried but it didn’t really do the trick and I went back after some time due to some other pains that lasted a few months. The doctor - a Norwegian - was so rude and arrogant and dismissive of me when he saw me again. I was so angry that I already paid for the truly horrible service. I had one or two other appointments where the service was fine and some doctors were very nice but generally I felt that it was not value for money. I didn’t go back until recently this past September where I paid an exhorbitant sum for a consultation with a dermatologist who then suggested I take the same over the counter medicine that I have tried several times in the past and told her it does not work. She promised to prescribe pills as a second stage if that didn’t work. I was moving to a different country and needed this to get resolved. This was further discussed over a follow up phone consultation to give me the results of the tests. I went to Pick up the pill prescription and they had prescribed me another topical cream. I didn’t have time to find out why, moved, tried again the OTC cream and it made my condition worse, and realized the other cream is not for my condition but somethjg else. Now I am being charged for this phone consultation. So I paid more than 3000kr for an initial consultation and test for a 0% satisfactory treatment and now am supposed to pay more. Waste of time and money and I will never step foot into that place again."

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